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The ravages of Raffy, cont.

I recently relayed the news about Ella gutting her beloved Raffy. The loss was so sudden and shocking that I made the decision to keep Raffy's remains around for as long as I could.
Sick, maybe...but with his stuffing fully gone, I figured he couldn't pose much of a threat to Ella's digestive system, and frankly I really like Raffy and am perfectly happy tossing his limp shell around the shoebox for Ella to chase.

Earlier this evening, I noticed Ella was hiding under my desk, shooting me a guilty look out of the corner of her eye. I knew immediately that meant she had something in her mouth that she knew damn well she ought not to. I pried open her jaws of steel, and a round, brown, mushy ball-shaped thing dropped into my hand. I screamed bloody murder at first, thinking it was part of a bodily organ of another animal she'd killed, or a piece of some kind of nasty that she'd snuck in from the mean city a few seconds though, my squeals turned to hysterical laughter as I realized what it was.

Ladies and gentlemen, exhibit A:

And Exhibit B:

And Exhibit C:

Ella's wrath directed toward Raffy is relentless! The poor thing is now eviscerated and sans eye. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say Ella will take the other eye next and then move on to his ear.

I will say, though...I've never seen ANYTHING keep Ella's attention quite so much as Raffy's eye. Perhaps I'll hold onto the eyes and use them as training treats. That might be a good, maximum incentive treat to use while we're practicing "Come"...even filet mignon couldn't top a furry eyeball apparently.


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