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Friday morning fast one...

On my way to work so have to make this a quick one, but Ella was having one of those mornings where she was just so irresistibly sweet and cute that I couldn't help busting out the camera phone to snap a couple of shots (not that she's ever not sweet and cute, of course...just that sometimes it gets overshadowed when she's behaving like a royal pain in the arse pupper).

Like any retriever, Ella can't resist a good stick, and she almost tears my shoulder out of its socket several times during the course of every walk stopping dead in her tracks to change direction if she thinks she spots a good one.

Well, my sore shoulder and these pics clearly demonstrate that she did indeed find herself a good one this morning...and I thought the 2-foot bully stick was over-sized!

Fortunately, a squirrel came along a minute later and Ella forgot all about the stick which meant that I didn't have to embarrass myself trying to break off a piece of that stick for Ella to carry with her (trust me, it's happened before (what are they feeding these Central Park trees anyway?)...and thank goodness no pictures of my pathetic stick wrestling have surfaced anywhere on the internet...yet...).

TGIF, and enjoy...


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