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Oh geez...NOT AGAIN!

My throat is KILLING ME. It even hurts under my tongue. And my ears aren’t much better. I’ve been living off of ice cream for days now (wait, maybe I shouldn’t complain about that). I just needed to run across the street to the store to buy some salt so I could gargle with warm salt water to see if that will relieve some of the pain since even my beloved thera-flu has stopped working. Ella was eating her dinner, and I was sure she’d be fine for just a few minutes…

Thing is, she probably would have been fine if I didn’t forget to put the roll of toilet paper way back up on the top shelf of the bathroom cabinet (I can’t keep it on the roll holder anymore…nor can I keep my hand towels on the towel bar…Ella cannot deal with the temptation).

This has already happened once before with the paper towels. And you wouldn’t buy it then that she was just practicing for an audition for a Cottonelle commercial…and I’m guessing you still won’t buy it now. And once again, I can't blame you.

And just to add insult to injury, I just gargled and that salt water didn’t help one bit. Can't momma catch a break? Sheesh...


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