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She keeps going and going and going and...

You might have noticed that I've been a bit light with the blog postings lately. I can't deny it - guilty as charged. But there are extenuating circumstances, I swear. I have proof.

Ladies and gentlemen, exhibit A. Meet Ella - The Energizer Puppy.

If I didn't know better, I'd swear she was plugged into the wall somewhere because her energy just never seems to drain.

It is my only mission in life to find SOMETHING that will tire Ella out so that momma can get a moment to relax (is ONE moment too much to ask for?).

Thankfully, I recently managed to find something that occupied Ella for one evening (hey, I'll take it) - a puppy-sized stuffed toy creatively named "Monkey". I owe Monkey a great deal for this - he not only filled in as Ella's playmate for an evening, but also provided priceless entertainment...

Ella was so excited to meet Monkey that I didn't even have time to remove his tags and stickers before she pounced.

Ella shows Monkey she ain't afraid of no primates.

"Yeah, a lot of good those opposable thumbs are doing you now, eh Monkey?!!"

"Say uncle! Say uncle!!"

Ella puts Monkey in a head lock. He looks surprisingly comfortable.

Monkey tries to gain advantage by tickling Ella - she laughs uncontrollably but won't relent.

Time out.

Like true competitors, in the end they lay down and snuggle and put the match behind them. (Wait, that's not what Nadal and Federer did after the finals of Wimbledon this year? Hmm. Humans are weird.)

Anyway, Monkey succeeded in draining Ella's batteries for a little while. The question in my mind is, who will take on Ella next? Because right now, momma is saying uncle. UNCLE!!!


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