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"Saillling...takes me awaaaay..."

Today was one of the most beautiful days we've had in NYC in a long time. Perhaps it's the relative lack of humidity that's got me feeling so good...or maybe I'm deficient in Vitamin D and the sunshine has replenished truth I think I really owe it all to Christopher Cross. He's in my head, he won't leave, and I'm totally fine with it.

As Ella and I made our way around the Conservatory Water in Central Park, we both found ourselves smiling at all of the sailboats. For those of you who aren't familiar, the Conservatory Water is an ornamental boat pond of sorts where people can casually sail (or race - for the true sportsman or uptight New Yorker) sailboats. It's a relaxing place to begin with, but the sailboats just add to the magic. And I couldn't help but set the whole scene to music - Christopher Cross's "Sailing". I think I kept the theme music mostly inside my head, though I can't deny there may have been some humming aloud during the chorus.

Now it's your turn to hum along...


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