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It's a shoe! It's a toy! Wait, what's the difference?

"Oh, look! it a puppy?"
"Yes, she's not quite 8 months."
"Oh, she's beautiful. Is she trained?"
"Um, how so? I mean, she housetrained but eh er uh..."
"She's a good girl - for the most part. She's just got a lot of energy."
"Well of course...she's a puppy! Is she a chewer?"
"Definitely, yes, I'm going bankrupt buying bones to keep her mouth occupied!"
"Does she chew on your shoes?"
"Haha...well if there's no bone around, she's got to chew on something right?"
*coughs, looks down at the ground out of embarrassment, scurries off*

Look, don't blame me! I'm clearly doing all I can to train Ella properly. To ensure she chews only on designated toys and bones. To teach my furbaby the difference between a "good chew" and a "bad chew".

Are you saying there's some reason Ella might think that because it's ok to chew on this toy...'s ok to chew on this too?...

I don't see the connection.



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