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Back AWAY from the water fountain

Ella LOVES horses...almost as much as horse poop. (sorry - but it's true...that sh** is like doggie catnip!)

But while she might admire them from afar as they majestically trot through the park, she isn't too keen on them being all up in her water trough.

Only it's not technically Ella's trough (try telling her that). This is one of the troughs along Central Park South dedicated to the carriage horses by the ASPCA. And the truth of the matter is that Ella is too much of a diva to stick her head in and drink directly from the trough anyway. Momma had to fill her portable plastic cup from the spigot like we do at all the other people-dedicated water fountains (momma's actually ok with that - if you saw how dirty that water was, you would be too).

Anyway, point is, Ella was really lapping up that nice cold water in her clean personal cup when she came face to face with the one animal she has never (yet) tried to incite play with (thank god)...

Horse to Ella: "You betta check yo'self."

Horse again to Ella: "Uh huh, that's what I thought."

Ella to Horse: (mumbling under her breath) "Oh come on this is getting ridiculous now. Nobody needs THAT much water..."

Ella to herself: "OK THAT IS IT! I'm about to make my move if this horse doesn't trot on in 10 seconds."

Ella to Momma: "Momma are you sure you don't have any Poland Spring in your bag? I am so parched..."


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