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"Talkin' 'bout a HEAT WAVE..."

It is HOT in NYC could fry an egg on the sidewalk (though i wouldn't advise eating it)...and I can't say the timing is the greatest what with Ella battling her tummy troubles and all. Heat like this could give anybody the runs.

The good news is that Ella seems to have perked up a bit and her energy levels have returned to normal. We're still working on getting that tum back to normal though - better, but not where I'd like to see we'll keep our fingers crossed that she keeps progressing over the next several days. And in the meantime I am working hard to try to keep her from eating any other random things that could aggravate her, say, for example, paint chips from her chewing on the wall last night? Uggh. Lead poisoning...yeah, that's just what we need right now.

Anyway, we have managed to make it to Central Park in spite of the heat. The athletic pup she is, Ella understands the importance of staying hydrated in such extreme conditions, so she's taken it upon herself to make sure she's got water with her every step of the way. In addition to making me stop at EVERY water fountain in the park to fill her drinking cup, she also picks up every discarded water bottle she finds along the way. It's not just for her though - it's an important job...She's really doing her part to keep the park if I can only teach her to drop the bottles in the recycling bin when she's done, I'll have a very trendy "green pup" on my hands...


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