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Sprinklers are the best medicine of all

The bad news is...Ella's diarrhea was back this morning. The good news is...she barely even thought about her fiery bum because she was distracted by the sprinklers that were out again in Central Park!

I am totally willing to risk boring you all with repeated posts and excessive pictures of Ella and the sprinklers - in my opinion, it's just too hilarious not to share each time. And I have to admit, playing in the sprinklers is a lot of fun even for me (not to mention incredibly refreshing on blazing hot days like today). We do get a few strange looks though - sometimes during the festivities (people just can't fathom a dog who loves to get wet as much as Ella does - clearly they've never known a retriever), but mostly afterward as we walk through the park dripping wet. Most people are confused as to how we got to be so wet. They assume I let Ella jump in The Lake or Bethesda Fountain (which always upsets me because they are so filthy i would NEVER let her jump in there)...I can only assume they think i jumped in with her or something. (Can you imagine those pictures?)

Anyway, get ready for some action...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


Now pose pretty and act like nothing happened...


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