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Just been hang(er)ing around...

Ella and I have been laying low for the past couple of weeks, trying to recover from her recent spaying and subsequent piddling problems. Just when her UTI seemed to have cleared up (and I was almost caught up on laundry), she developed incontinence of the other kind and has been having "issues" for the past few days. Momma came home on Friday to the stinkiest shoebox on the planet as Ella had an accident of monumental proportions in her crate. And momma was nauseated for the remainder of the weekend after having to clean up that mess.

One thing I have to say about Ella, though - no amount of uncontrollable poo or pee can dampen her spirit! She has been feistier than ever this weekend, and every time I turn around she's found something else to get into (you might see us on The Dog Whisperer soon - i think only Cesar Milan can cure her of her shredding fetish...toilet paper...plastic bags...cardboard boxes...envelopes (usually containing bills or other important documents)...).

Anyway, Ella tried on something new for size yesterday - a hanger. While I was trying to tidy up my closet, she thought she'd borrow a hanger or two and experiment with a new look. Personally, I think the white plastic asymmetrical necklace doesn't do much for her, but you know you can't tell adolescents anything.

And for those of you concerned Ella may have been in some sort of discomfort here, let me first say that fashion trumps pain when beauty is at stake - she's seen momma wince after a day of wearing high heels enough to have learned that sometimes a little pain is necessary when it comes to sporting a fashion-forward look. That said, my Ella's a lean little lady so she had plenty of room to breathe. Also, those cheapo hangers weren't around for long. A minute after I took these shots, Ella flexed and the hanger popped off into pieces.


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