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Ella to stick: "Nothing can come between us"

Though there are sticks covering every square inch of ground in Central Park, lately Ella has developed a particular attraction to only the "hard-to-get" sticks. This sort of stick is bad news - you know the kind. It sits there looking all big and strong, knowing full well it's already attached (to the ground). It's the kind of stick that flaunts its barkiness while laying right next to its fence who is determined to protect it against all the other dogs ready to pounce.

I guess every girl goes through this phase at one point in her life. I'm just hoping that Ella will quickly learn that the stick is not always tastier on the other side of the fence. Until then, I have to keep watching painful and desperate scenes such as these...

"Ooooooh, you are a tough one to wrap my teeth around, aren't you!"

"Sticky don't run from me!...We're meant to be...come back..."

"OK, this hard-to-get shtick was cute at first, but it's beginning to get old now."

"Don't fight the inevitable, stick! I WILL have you!"

"See. I told you I'd get you eventually. Sure, it's a little awkward now, but in time you'll learn to fully let go."


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