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'Twas the night before spaying...

...not a toy left unthrown...and Ella's unaware that tomorrow she'll be laid up with stitches and wearing a cone… (ugghhh...worst "Night before Christmas" parody ever...i know...but please save your boos and for God's sake don't throw tomatoes - the last thing I need right now is Salmonella...)

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day. Ella is a little over 6 months old now, and, well, it's just time to take care of this (*sigh*'s the right thing to do of course, but not exactly a happy occasion, is it?). Momma has enough trouble raising Ella all by herself, let alone a bastard litter of little Ellas and Ellis's that are the product of a hump-by on the corner or something. Let's face it - she's the total package...beautiful, friendly, loving, great hair...sure, she's a little head-strong but some males like that kind of thing (or so I hear...but increasingly I'm thinking that may be an urban legend). As it is, I have to dress her all incognito-like in a hat, sunglasses, and a muumuu just to get her down the street...can you imagine the kind of attention she would get walking the NYC streets while in heat?!

I did think for a moment about postponing the surgery just to get pics of her wearing a diaper - those images would make for some seriously funny blog posts, don't you think? And I bet they make designer diapers too, so I'd undoubtedly have fun matching them to her collar and leash...but that's not really a valid reason to put off spaying an it?

Kidding, of course.

Besides, I can always put her in a diaper and take pictures just for fun, even after she's spayed. (Of course, that's just weird and possibly maybe we'll just nix this whole idea...)

Anyway, like I said, this isn't really feeling like a happy occasion at all. I grew up with dogs and they've all been spayed, but I never previously gave much thought to it - it was just something you did. Perhaps because Ella's my very own furdaughter, I'm much more bothered by the idea of removing her ovaries. When Ella was about 4 months old, this guy stopped us on the street to gush over how beautiful she was and asked me if I was going to mate her. After we backed up a few steps, I told him "no" and that I'd get her spayed. Well, I thought he was going to crucify me right then and there, and he said, "You'll take her joy away...don't take her joy away". Ok, yes, he was crazy; still, I felt guilty. And it does suck...but, as I said, I know it's the right thing to do so we're just going to get it over with and head back to the park soon and forget that the horrid event ever happened. (the epitome of healthy furparenting, eh?)

Anyway, to get my mind off of the impending surgery, I decided to take a sh**load of pictures of fertile Ella being adorable. Enjoy them!

And stay tuned for plenty of post-op pics of Ella wearing a cone (hopefully)...almost as good as the diaper pics would have been!

Brady's mom said...
June 19, 2008 at 12:24 AM  

Good luck tomorrow, Ella! We'll be thinking of you. Brady says the code isn't that can still cause all kinds of trouble while wearing it :-)

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