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It was a bad week to be a bed

Ella's UTI took it's toll on more than just Ella and momma this particular, the bedding was virtually wiped out. She hit my bed twice, her doggie bed once, my featherbed once...and then there was that mysterious wet spot on the sofa...

After peeing on my bed for a second night in a row (fooled me twice - shame on me), I vowed not to let Ella up there ever again. I put her bed right next to mine, assertively stood my ground through her protests and barking and sad-eyed pleas, and she ultimately gave in and laid down. Some time later after I'd fallen soundly to sleep, the little stinker jumped up onto the bed and in record time nuzzled herself between my left arm and my body and laid her head on my chest with a big sigh/grumble. I woke up and looked down to see her staring up at me, clearly slightly nervous as to what I would do but also thinking to herself "If I lie very still and look cute, momma can't possibly kick me out, can she?". Totally unfair. I melted, of course. Totally caved. Does the proverb state what sort of shame is appropriate after letting myself be fooled three times?

The good news is that Ella seems to be getting better by the day. We've had two pee-free nights inside of the apartment in a row now, and her constant squatting has dwindled considerably. I suspect in a couple more days she'll be totally back to normal. Which is good. Because I'm on my last set of clean sheets and it's going to take days to get through all the laundry I just dropped off.

Anyway, here's one last tribute to Ella's conehead before we hopefully put it and the urinary week from hell behind us. Here she is, resting like an obedient puppy a couple of days after her surgery...


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