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Ella had PMS

Quick update on Ella's spaying today...

Dr. Jackson called around noon to let me know that Ella's surgery went well and that she was "in recovery". She then told me that I brought her in just in time because Ella was pretty close to being in heat! Sheesh, why are the kids these days in such a rush to grow up?!

Anyway, I told Dr. Jackson that I'm not surprised to hear that because Ella has been acting even more nuts than usual this week - very restless, mischievous, and overly excited around other dogs (a few sniffs and she's spinning like a whirling dervish). I knew it was either a full moon or she was seriously hormonal.


Anyway, hopefully she'll be feeling a little less moody from now on (though I'm not holding my momma, like furdaughter...). The vet is keeping Ella overnight (standard procedure) but I get to pick her up in the morning.

I miss my little one, but tonight...momma has the shoebox all to herself! WOO HOO! And you know what that means...

uh, ahem...

I get to sweep the apartment without a pup biting at the broom and then elevate my legs because my knees and feet are killing me from running with Ella so much. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the life of a single New Yorker is indeed as glamorous as you imagine...

Stay tuned for cone pics of Ella tomorrow!

Sonali said...
June 20, 2008 at 3:45 PM  

Hello Ella's mommy! Just found your blog on google and went through all of it - from back in Jan when you just got little Ella home.

Hope Ella is doing well after her spaying. It must have been a tough one for her.

My golden retriever pup - Simba - is coming home in a weeks time now.. thts when he will be 8 yrs old. Cant wait to go see him again tomorrow. :)

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