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Ella gets intimate

A couple of months ago, Ella and I met a very sophisticated, very French woman in Central Park. She was wearing a stylish head wrap and said things like "Back when I worked for Cartier..." in a mesmerizing French accent. By my estimation, she was approaching 70 years of age but was accompanied by a much younger man who I am pretty sure was not her son. She was quite smitten with Ella and shared countless stories about her own dogs tearing up the house and just generally ruling her undoubtedly very chic roost.

The highlight of our conversation came when, out of the blue, she leaned in and said, "Now, tell me. Does she love to get into your lingerie?". I immediately blushed, then looked at her companion who looked down at the ground trying to pretend he wasn't eager to hear how I'd answer. Funny thing is, as personal a question as it was, she was so spot on that I couldn't even be offended. Little did she know that the only thing harder than breaking Ella of chewing my furniture was stopping her from getting into my underwear drawer! No longer did I have to worry that Ella was indulging some pervy fetish...or, at least, now I knew she was in good company...

Not that I'm thrilled about showing off my drawers to the world...but these images are far too funny not to post...

Ella's love of undies started as a young pup...

and it doesn't look like she'll be outgrowing this behavior anytime soon...


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