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A cone head only a momma could love

My little Ella bell is home safe and sound now, and, as promised, here are some money shots of her new cone head.

When I went to pick her up at the vet's office, I didn't really know what to expect...on the one hand, I thought she might be a bit sedate considering she underwent surgery yesterday...on the other hand, I know my Ella and the word "sedate" doesn't exactly fit her - ever.

Well, turns out surgery can't hold Ella down. She came barreling through the swinging doors (cone first) separating the back of the office from the waiting room and immediately jumped on me. She then pulled my handbag off my shoulder and tried to bury her nose in it (looking for treats, no doubt) and yanked me all over every square inch of the lobby while the vet tech was giving me instructions for her recovery. Hey, at least I now I am certain they didn't accidentally give Ella a lobotomy!

"Let's play momma!"

"Rest my ass!"

The adrenaline was still flowing after we arrived home as she reacquainted herself with the abode, making sure I hadn't made any drastic changes to things during her brief absence. It was quite a site - my shoebox wasn't exactly built with enough room for a coneheaded pup to gracefully move about. After she'd bonked her head on enough walls, she finally settled down a bit to rest...

Sadly that hasn't lasted long enough and now the restless beast has awakened and is calling, so I must go before she starts knocking over lamps. Horses make wearing blinders look so easy...

Carol said...
June 21, 2008 at 11:35 AM  

It seems that Ella has already recovered nicely from surgery. I loved seeing the pictures of her "cone head" and your comments about her rambunctious nature. Hopefully you can keep her calm enough until she is completely healed. Can't wait to see what she explores next.

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