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Rain, rain go away...

Ella and I hate the rain. Well, ok, truthfully Ella is barely even aware that it's raining she's just so happy to be outside...I'm the one who hates it because I know that even a little bit of rain means a whole lot of muddy dog by the time we're through. So it's straight to the bathtub for Ella once we get back (this is where she starts to hate it)...

Anyway, when all is said and done, we're both in a bad mood - me because i have to clean up a muddy dog and an even wet and muddier apartment (there are no mud rooms, surprisingly, in Manhattan studios), and Ella because she's now soggy from the rain and her bath.

After Friday morning's downpour, Ella modified the routine a little bit and decided that the best way to break the cycle and improve her mood would be to jump straight into my bed. Funny though...this strategy didn't improve momma's mood one bit...and as you'll see, it didn't fix Ella's bad hair day...

"Would you believe I just forgot I'm not supposed to be up here?"

"I don't know where that wet spot came from...maybe you wet the bed?"

"Yes I am AWARE that it is no longer the 80's and this crimped look is no longer in".

"Well don't just stand there laughing - go get the straightening iron!"

"Fine. No straightening iron, you don't get your bed back. Hmpph."

Strohm said...
May 12, 2008 at 10:54 AM  

Wow, Ella sure is growing up fast. What a pretty girl she is.

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