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It looks like a duck and sounds like a duck...but something's clearly off here

As Ella gets older, she is increasingly intrigued by the ducks we see in Central Park. It's all I can do sometimes to keep her from jumping in the Conservatory Water to chase after them. So I figured she'd love to have her very own quacking stuffed toy duck to chase around the apartment.

Well, as this clip shows, not all ducks are created equal, and apparently synthetic fur and a fake honker are no substitute for real feathers and a good ol' genuine quack! She spends the first several minutes backing away in fear from this stuffed monstrosity, and the last couple of minutes trying to make the best of it but ultimately being bored.

I would bring home the real deal from the park for Ella to play with, but between the duck and Ella, I don't think i could handle cleaning up all those messes...


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