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Ella vs. the sweatshirt...

Ella doesn't have a brother or sister to play with, so I often end up serving the dual role of momma and furfriend just to keep her entertained. I know, I don't have to tell me how much it messes up kids to have a mother who acts more like a friend. I can assure you I do provide plenty of discipline as well, but there are times when we just end up wrestling it out to see who gets to be alpha female of the apartment.

Here's a clip of a typical evening playdate between the two of us. I have to put on my heavy oversized sweatshirt to protect my skin against her brutal puppy teeth (if she doesn't start losing them soon, I'm going to have to find a way to rot them out...she could gut a bear with these things). As you can see, she's not the type to ever give up a fight and even when she's down for the count, she's not letting go.

In the end, I'd call this one a draw...


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