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Random pics of cuteness

Clearly I've been a slacker when it comes to posting lately...single furmotherhood is officially kicking my ass. I'm still sleep deprived and running on fumes, but wanted to at least check in with a handful of pics I've taken over the last few weeks. As you can see, Ella is twice the puppy we once knew and loved, and growing more every day. Before I know it, she'll be married with lil pups of her own - that is, if the neighborhood dogs get to her before I can get her spayed in a month (they find her entirely too attractive...i've had to put a stop to a few too many attempted humping incidents...). Anyway, enjoy...


Hey, you know what they say...if the shoe fits...

What's going on back there exactly? And by "back there", I'm clearly referring to Ella's hindquarters...

"But why would you want to wash all of this? It smells soooo gooood just as it is......"

Too big? No such thing.

This one makes even me blush. Socks and underwear were one thing, but clearly this crosses a line.

Ella Enchanted...Queen of Belvedere Castle...

Ella contemplates approaching the Central Park horse & buggy for further investigation. But somehow I don't think that horse is particularly amenable to Ella trying to sniff his ass.

This has got to be why they say "Let sleeping dogs lie...". Shes not only staying out of trouble, but melting my heart too...


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