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(Warning…puppy poop talk ahead…)

As you know, Ella has been nursing a lame left front leg for several days now. The doc put her on an anti-inflammatory to ease her discomfort while she’s in recovery. She warned me that the Metacam “can cause some stomach upset”. Ummm…folks, I don’t think “stomach upset” quite describes it adequately. Poor Ella has had the shits all night – at times to the point that she scared herself by the noises coming out of her bum and ran off, dribbling doo doo across the floor as she scurried away in fear. And poor momma has had a fun night cleaning up behind her. It’s one thing trying to scoop up diarrhea off of the sidewalk outside with a little baggie (totally pointless but I had to try). It’s quite another dealing with the mess indoors. It’s easy enough to clean up the wee wee pads, but I have been through an entire pack of matches and half a bottle of febreze just to clear the air in here! At least I’m getting my exercise running dirty wee wee pads down to the garbage every 20 minutes, but I can tell it’s going to be a long night.

Anyway, Ella is still limping unfortunately. She seemed slightly better on our evening walk, but not enough to ease the knot in my stomach. I’m giving her a couple more days to show a full recovery, or it’s back to the vet we go for x-rays.

In the meantime, I’m not so sure the Metacam’s benefits outweigh its side effects. I know if it were me, I’d choose the strained arm anyday…

Even I’m not so dedicated a blogger (or tasteless for that matter) that I obtained footage of Ella’s runny poo fest to put on display here (I mean, I’ll TALK about it – but pictures cross a line). I will, however, provide evidence of the resilience of the puppy spirit…even in spite of her ills, Ella couldn’t help herself from attacking the empty paper towel roll while momma was cleaning up her messes. Oh well…perhaps the cardboard will be “binding” and counteract the Metacam…


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