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Happy returns...

Ella and I finally made it back to Central Park today after a rough week dealing with a lame leg, diarrhea, and exercise restriction (that is, Ella’s lame leg and diarrhea…just to be clear). I think she managed to poop out whatever was ailing her leg because she seems about 90% recovered this morning! We are both noticeably a little less in shape than we were a week ago (amazing how fast the fitness level degrades…), but managed to make it through a nice long walk/sprint regardless.

Here are a few shots of Ella atop a hill just inside the park on the east side...

Ella, my little flower
"You better hurry with this shot cuz I'm 'bout to eat these bright yellow things."

Ella, my little model
"Check out my hot new collar and leash set!"

Ella, so over it.
"And if you look behind me, you'll see a lovely gazebo well-suited for small wedding ceremonies...blah blah blah"

Ella, my heavenly angel
"Damn light's in my eyes...what's that on the ground - more mud?"


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