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Worst game of catch EVER

I love Ella’s plush toys because they are safe and soft and perfect for a game of catch – in theory. But Ella has not yet learned (in other words, I have not yet effectively taught) the command “let go”, so often what starts as an intended game of catch turns into a tug of war. And since I try to avoid playing tug of war so as to discourage aggression, usually it means me sticking my fingers in her mouth to pry open her jaws of death to free the poor innocent furry toy. LOADS of fun.

This clip is a perfect example of a game of catch gone completely awry. After one reasonably successful catch, Ella was plum out of energy…then I proceeded to stack toys on her nose purely to entertain myself…then she manages to squeeze out one or two more decent catches before resuming her regular routine of biting the hell out of my arm…then I walk away in a huff.

Clearly we both need far more than just training…somehow I think puppy kindergarten may not adequately address all of our “issues”…

Strohm said...
March 16, 2008 at 12:22 PM  

Great video! Keep up the good work. Socialization with other puppies helps a lot with the biting/mouthing. Now that Ella can safely go out in public, it's time to start arranging (play)dates for her. :)

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