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We're both still recovering from the effects of Puerto Rico...

Well, I made it back from my trip to PR in one piece…but not one healthy piece. Ella and Grandpa also survived, although Grandpa’s hands and Ella’s behavior were both a little worse for wear.

I’m now far sicker than I was when I left, laid up with a virus and sinus infection, the severity of which I still can’t quite convey to Ella who has been a holy terror since my arrival home. After my second sick day from work spent constantly correcting her biting, chewing, and barking (Sleep? Why would I need sleep? I’m sure my doctor said that rest was optional as long as I kept pounding my meds) , she is finally starting to show some mild signs of remembering that she does not rule this roost. But I fear it will take another week or two to get her fully back on track.

She was, however, nice enough to help me unpack my luggage upon my return. As you can see below, she was totally on top of things.

The shot below requires a little explanation...I store all my old athletic shoes in my suitcase in my closet (sadly they don't get much use anymore, I don't have much closet space, and I rarely travel, so the luggage gets used for storage more than anything). Anyway, here she is in shoe heaven...

And below is a shot of Ella playing with her Wubba, her toy of choice while I was away. It was a pretty good choice for Grandpa too because he could hold onto one end, keeping his hands safely away from the other end that Ella was tugging on with her deadly puppy teeth.

And, as for my trip, I did manage to have some fun – albeit medicated fun – while I was there. And in case anyone was wondering what the answer is to the question I posed in my last post, thera-flu goes JUST FINE with pina coladas on the beach…

One thing for you fellow animal lovers to take note of...apparently they aren't so strict about the animal fighting in Puerto Rico. Here's a shot of a HUGE arena just up the street from our hotel. Anyone else find this odd and upsetting???

Anyway, on to less controversial sights and entertainment that I encountered in PR...
Here I am with my sister-in-law Carma who went on the trip with me, enjoying our firm's cocktail party and end-of-trip dinner on the beach...

Here I am on the left, preparing to go jet skiing..which, by the way, was the highlight of my trip. Forgive the closed eyes...I had to take off the shades so i wouldn't lose them when I caught air on the waves. And there I am on the right, a mere blur at my personal record speed of 42 MPH (I was mad I didn't reach the max speed of 45, but in hindsight, that was probably for the best...)

Here I am as a high-roller, playing the nickel slots in the hotel casino. I spent a whopping $6 and left with no winnings and an empty drink. My only consolation was that at least I knew I had a full bottle of thera-flu back in the room...

Here are some pictures of El Castillo de San Cristobal, a Spanish fort in Old San Juan. As you can see, the castle was cool, but the view of the ocean from the top was even more amazing. The best part of the tour in my opinion was this lizard who poked his head out of one of the windows...I'm not sure how he got in there, but I'm pretty sure he didn't have to pay the entry fee like we did...

And here's a short video that Carma took on the top of the fort...the most obvious thing you'll notice is the wind!! (As if my out-of-control locks in the picture above didn't already give that away...)

Here are a few shots of Fort San Felipe Del Morro (a.k.a. El Morro), a fort that overlooks the entrance to San Juan Bay. If you look really closely at the sky in the second row of pictures, you will see kites...there must have been HUNDREDS of kites in the air at El Morro. I don't know what was more amazing - the strength of the wind there, or the fact that so many people could keep their kites flying without a tangling of mass proportions.

And here I the canon. God I'm funny. And original.

And finally, here are Carma and I, looking sweet, sunburned and tired, sitting in a swing outside of our hotel.

I hope you've enjoyed my brief holiday in San Juan, Puerto Rico...Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go take my next dose of decongestants and stop Ella from eating her wicker toy basket.

Ahhh...back to reality...


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