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Sunday Snuggles

In many ways, I think that the dog psyche is not so different from that of humans. Furkids thrive on the same things that the human kind do - namely love and discipline.

So when Ella starts incessantly getting into things she shouldn’t – toilet papering the apartment, staring at me defiantly as she pees next to the wee-wee pad rather than on it, stealing my socks out of the drawer – I know her acting out is much like that of a little child misbehaving at school. All of this is clearly just Ella’s way of saying “PAY ATTENTION TO ME MOMMA!”

Well, I am quickly finding that nothing cures her ills like good old-fashioned love and cuddles…well, cuddles, and the opportunity to chew endlessly on my hands. But then I suppose the scars on my arms are a small price to pay relative to financial cost of buying all new socks and an endless supply of toilet paper…


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