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Separation Anxiety - Mine, not Ella's...

In a couple of hours, I'll be off to JFK to catch a flight to Puerto Rico. Sorry for the lack of posts and non-exist forewarning of my mini-break, but momma is sick as a dog and totally fritzed. It's 3:30am and I've just finally showered today after running myself ragged trying to prepare. The trip is a work-related bonus, so a group of folks from my firm are heading over to PR. And I'm very grateful of course, but simultaneously overwhelmed as this is not the best time to be leaving my little pup.

Ella's grandpa has been kind enough to come up to NYC from Maryland to watch over his grand-fur-kid for a few days in my absence. I'm not sure who has it worse - poor Grandpa, for having to protect his delicate skin from Ella's puppy fangs (not to mention having to maneuver around in my tiny apartment without knocking everything over), or poor Ella, who has to deal with Grandpa's loud snoring! (As I write this, I've already suffered some hearing loss as a result of the racket).

Anyway, I'm already experiencing separation anxiety, but trying to rationalize this as a good opportunity for Ella to socialize with someone other than myself. But it doesn't help that I'm on the verge of fever, can barely swallow, and my head is pounding. Should make for a fun flight. How do you think Thera-flu will mix with a few pool-side pina coladas?

Well, I have to go finish writing out emergency vet numbers and "feeding instructions" (read: "Grandpa - GO EASY ON THE TREATS PLEASE!!)...but I'll be back Sunday night and hopefully my apartment, Grandpa, and Ella will all be in one safe, happy piece...

(Sure, it's Puerto Rico, but wouldn't you miss this face too if you were me?)


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