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Like a bird in a cage...

...poor Ella is imprisoned in my apartment and stares longingly out of the cracked window, dreaming of a better life...

"I'm only 13 weeks the prime of my puppyhood...there's got to be more out there for me..."

"And YOU...YOU momma...all you ever say is "NO BITE", and you wipe me down with those cloths that smell like green tea after walkies, and you refuse to give me any of your ice cream...and you tell me it's all tough love and I'll appreciate it one day. Well I live in the NOW momma!"

"Still...those ear and belly rubs you give are nice...and I do love the kisses and free meals...but then again the sunshine and fresh air are calling my name! Man I wish my lil puppy brain were more developed because this is getting complicated..."


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