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We survived Day 1

Let's just say, Ella's mom is in desperate need of someone to tuck her in like this right about now:

Ella and I had a long and exhausting day, filled with lots of playing, a little napping (for her, not me), and a whole lot of futile housebreaking attempts. But, as they say, Rome wasn't built in a day...nor was an 8 week old puppy trained to pee pee only on the wee wee pads. I think I at least managed to get Ella to sorta start recognizing her name...I guess that's something. All of my attempted "training" tuckered her out, so I built her a nice little bed made from my old pillows, got her snuggled up with her puppy blankie, and she was out like a light. I'm taking advantage of the down time to post an update here...which means that when I'm done and ready to go to bed, she'll have awakened from her nap and be ready to party again. Once we've mastered potty training, I'm hoping to transfer responsibility of blog posting to Ella so that I can get some sleep.

Anyway, below are a handful of pics from her arrival home today. Ella is 10 pounds and will be 8 weeks old tomorrow! On my way home, the cab driver even asked if he could take a picture of lil pup is so adorable that she has the ability to bring out the softer side of even a New York City cab driver. She's already changing the world. I'm so proud.

Ella's first nap

Ella's first experience with a mirror...


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