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Walks are AWESOME

It's no secret that I do NOT like to be cooped up indoors - unless I've got my eyes glued to my Mac as I often do. It has become increasingly clearer that my little pup also likes to keep it movin', so I think that means we are ultimately a match made in heaven....or at least, we will be when she's got all her stinking vaccinations and I can properly and safely take her outdoors.

Since I've been working during the day, my Ella has become, well, a bit of a pain in the booty at night. And who can blame her? She's stuck in my apartment all day, so when I come home, she is bouncing off the walls from 6pm until midnight, getting into everything she can, chewing up everything in sight. It's not her fault - she's just bored and has no outlet for all of her energy. So tonight I made the decision to try one more time to take her outside to a secluded place and run her silly while keeping her away from other pups and nastiness on the ground. And, unlike our last outing which turned out to be a wee tad bit more social than I wanted, this time we accomplished our mission!

I carried Ella over to the park (it was all she could do to contain herself in my arms - she was READY TO GO!), and when we hit ground inside the park, I set her down and we were off to the races! We entered at 79th street and stayed on the blacktop, running up toward East Drive where we crossed and headed toward Turtle Pond, one of my favorite places. We just kept on running around the pond and up the Great Lawn, then headed back down south toward the Conservatory Water (a.k.a. boat pond). Ella had an absolute blast and was in her full glory. I managed to keep her nose pretty well off the ground, except she did pick up a few little sticks here and there (starting with the sticks already!). We were out there for a little over an hour and she certainly could have kept going but i didn't want to over-do it our first time out. I picked her up to carry her back home and it really was amazing how much calmer she was...she crossed her little paws on my arm and rested comfortably until we got home. And she didn't even fight me when I stuck her in the tub this time! Quick, somebody pinch me...

Anyway, it's hard to get good pics at night with my crappy camera, but here's a video of us running along the Great Lawn, along with a few pictures of Ella's first night in Central Park...


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