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There's water...and then there's WaterPik

Ella seems to have missed the memo about Golden Retrievers liking water. I’ve had to “torture her” in the tub a few times after she’s stepped in doo-doo and run around the apartment, or rolled around on her used wee-wee pad before I could get it up off the floor. And every time, she climbs the side of the tub desperately trying to escape.

In Ella’s defense, however, I doubt that she was bred to inherently like water coming out of a hand-held shower massage head on ‘waterfall’ setting. I find it quite relaxing personally, but I’m thinking she may take better to still bodies of water – pools, lakes, lazy rivers, and the like. Thank goodness we have a lot of those in New York City.

And, sure, I could fill up the tub and give her a bath instead, but who has time to wait for the tub to fill while there’s a dog with doo-doo paws scrambling to get out and leave her smelly mark all over the apartment?

Hopefully Ella will adapt to having a WaterPik cleanup now and then – perhaps she’ll like the ‘Pulsating’ setting better? Anyway, until then, I anticipate I will continue to receive many more evil looks like these…


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