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My bundle of joy has arrived! And I'm calling her Ella. The name Ella has a lot of different meanings - it is from the Greek meaning "torch or bright light", from English origins meaning "beautiful fairy"...a beautiful name for my beautiful pup. Of course, less deep nicknames are already emerging...there's "Ells"..."Um-ber-Ella" (this makes sense to you young folks who know Rihanna)...and admittedly, for some reason, "Ella Wella" kept coming out of my mouth tonight. I'm going to write that off as giddy over-excitement because "Ella Wella" cannot become a habit.

So, I can't take Ella home until Saturday but I get as much visitation as I want between now and then. These are the first photographs of my little one, taken on my crappy cell phone camera...sorry about the quality but her adorableness shines through regardless.

We played for about an hour-and-a-half and she wasn't the least bit tired (I better start eating my Wheaties if I'm going to keep up with this one (wow, that Wheaties reference really dates me doesn't it)). As far as I can tell, Ella seems to be the perfect balance - she was active, playful, and puppyish, but when I picked her up she took right to cuddling with me (and cuddling is a requirement in my household).

I will say this though - my lil pup gives NO WARNING when she's got to go to the bathroom...and that does not bode well for me and the floors in my apartment. She pees on a dime with absolutely no premeditation whatsoever, and even WHILE she's peeing I can't quite tell there's anything going on! And, naturally, she likes to run through it afterward. Oh, and the best part of the evening? See that little blue toy she's playing with in the pics below? Well, she took a dump all over it right before I left for the night. RIP blue squeeky toy :-( Thank goodness I've stocked up on Nature's Miracle...I think I'm going to need it.


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