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I'm not exactly sure that I'm training 'by the book'

Now, I could be wrong.

It is possible that when the camera is off, you’ll catch Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer teaching young pups to sit, shake, and roll over with the same high pitched voice, excessive praise, and enthusiasm that I have adopted. But…somehow…I doubt it.

And I’d also venture to guess that Cesar’s pups learn at lightening speed while Ella…well, look, Ella knows she’s loved and feels pretty darn good about herself, and that counts for something, right?

Here we are…a pathetic pair…muddling our way through obedience practice until we both get a little carried away and it turns into one big spaztastic belly rub session…

Strohm said...
February 24, 2008 at 12:39 AM  

Wonderful. You and Ella are going to be great companions!!!

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