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Ella's first exposure to the New York City streets

Tonight was our very first vet appointment since I brought Ella home! It was a special night for Ella because she was finally exposed to the mean New York City streets! The sirens, the honks, the traffic, the crazy people...and other pups! Well, she wasn't officially "exposed" to other pups as that can't happen until she's 16 weeks old (uggh) and has gotten her rabies shot...but she got to see them at least.

Ella was examined and she appears to be a healthy lil pup with the exception of a little diarrhea. Ella now weighs 11 and three-quarters pounds! That's up from 10 pounds last Saturday! But she's still a lean pretty machine. The doc ok'd her going outside at 12 weeks after she gets her next round of shots, but 'till then we're cooped up inside :-( He sympathized with how hard that is with big pups, but it's for her own protection, so Ella and I will make it work somehow.

While we were at the vet's office, there were some very nice ladies in the reception area who couldn't help but keep telling me how beautiful Ella is. Is it wrong that I love that people think my baby is so adorable? ;-) Anyway, one of the women had a little white Maltese named Charlotte. Charlotte was waiting for her sister to finish up her appointment and was whimpering quite a bit. Ella didn't know what to make of it and just kept staring at her. (Ella was in my arms the whole time while I stood - I wasn't going to let her touch anything - including Charlotte!).

Anyway, Ella was great with the doctor and didn't pitch a fit even once, not even when he stuck the thermometer up her bum (ouch). She gobbled up the couple of Pet Tabs he gave her and was happy to interact with the vet assistant who wandered in. My little girl is so sociable! The vet's office was really interesting. It was quite small (not surprising for NYC) and very open...another little pup came wandering into our room while the doc was examining her...I was like, "OH! We have a visitor!", but doc wasn't even phased. Apparently this is a liberal sort of vet where pups are free to roam! Pretty darn cute...

But, the ordeal was EXHAUSTING to Ella. Meeting people, seeing pups...she even got to see a kitty cat! Poor thing is still so frightened by it. A nice man walking his two pups saw us and couldn't help but give her a pat on the head and tell me how adorable she was. Meanwhile, his pups started barking. Well Ella started shaking in my arms and frankly I was afraid she'd piddle all over my coat! Thank goodness she didn't. Then on our way home, she was spooked by a woman behind us who was talking very loudly and aggressively on her cell phone. And frankly, I was too. What is WRONG with people?? Anyway, she buried her little head in my armpit to protect herself! Pooorrrrr Ella!

So, when she got home, she scarfed down her dinner and then pooped out almost right away which is extremely unusual for her. Poor little baby...I think she enjoyed herself, but it was a very emotional introduction to city living. But Ella's got a ton of spunk and I think she'll really dig the action once she's just a little older and bigger. I can't wait!

Here are some shots of Ella shortly after her arrival home...sweet dreams little one...


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