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Calling all casting agents!

Now, I am certainly no aspiring showbiz momma, and I would think my girl was beautiful no matter what. When she gets food on the bottom tips of her ears after sticking her little head in the bowl, I don’t mind the crusty fur. When her nose is runny, I don’t mind the mess. In fact, there’s something hanging off of her in almost every picture I take. And I just can’t help but notice that her adorableness shines through all the crud!

I already talked about Ella’s interest in auditioning for a Cottonelle commercial…well, I think the pictures below illustrate her potential and versatility to serve as the face of products across many industries.

1. She evokes emotion.
This image just screams “Adopt pups like Ella” or “Please spay and neuter your pets” or “How could you feed this face anything but the best?” Don't you think?

2. She's down-to-earth and has no diva tendencies.
She's glad to put dirty socks in her mouth to sell your laundry detergent.

3. She has a face that can take your product line development plans to a whole new level.
She can expand Gund’s sales by showing their baby blankies are equally cuddly and well-suited for pups.

4. She's cute...AND sporty.
She can serve as a model for sporting goods and appeal to men and women of all ages…

5. She's got that friendly all-american vibe that you just can't go wrong with.
Ella is friendly, lovable, and approachable. And darnit, people like her! That smile says it all...

Please forward inquiries to Ella's momma directly, and I will reply based on her level of interest and availability to fit it in between naps, eating, and playing with toys.

February 17, 2008 at 9:20 PM  

have a great week

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