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The Bissell is evil!

If it were up to Ella, my carpets would just stay dirty. As long as it meant I never had to bring out the vacuum cleaner again, she's cool with that. But that solution doesn't work for momma, particularly after days like today when Ella stole the roll of toilet paper from the bathroom while I was in the shower and tore it to shreds on the carpet. In moments like those - and sadly there are many these days - the vacuum is, quite simply, a must.

I didn't catch her very first reaction on video, so this is officially her second exposure. The first time, she got so amped up that she jumped up on the bed...and she can't jump high enough to make it up on the bed yet! Amazing what a little adrenaline can do...

Anyway, here's a clip of poor terrified Ella...I had to hold her for a good 30 minutes afterward just to soothe her and reassure her the torture was over. Good thing is, at least now I know how to snap her to attention when my loud claps or "Ah Ah!!" doesn't work...


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