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Anxiously Awaiting Pup

It’s January 8, 2008, and I’m an expectant momma (so to speak). I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new pup (a.k.a. furkid) – an American English Golden Retriever.

Don’t scoff – furkids aren't so different from the human kind. I’m preparing the “nursery” (an XL crate that will go at the foot of my bed…until she whines and I cave and I end up tossing the bed out the window and sleeping in the crate, holding her), researching optimal puppy diets and supplements (is 3 months too early for glucosamin & chondroitin to promote optimal joint function?), and puppy proofing the apartment (since when have I had so many LOOSE CORDS!). Shut up I am not neurotic. Okay maybe.

Listen, this is a big step for a, ahem, 31 year old (damn near 32). I can’t even keep plants alive (well, I didn’t used to be able to like 10 years ago and I haven’t even bothered to try since). And…I’m a New Yorker, and we’re notoriously late bloomers when it comes to committing to things.

So that’s why I’ve called this blog “Growing up with pup” – because with a little luck and a whole lot of effort and patience and sticktoitiveness, we’ll be living and learning and growing a lot over the coming years. This blog will recount the story of our lives together.

I hope you’ll join us on our journey – it’s sure to be a fun ride (umm, hellllooo…golden retriever in tiny studio apartment? No writer needed - these stories will create themselves.).

Stay tuned…


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