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Mac or PC?

I am not ashamed to say that I am a dork. An internet geek. Next to Ella, my computer is my best friend. And it's one of the best friends a girl could have. It doesn't give me attitude; it would never leave me for another user; it wouldn't borrow money and then disappear. Yes, I'm happy to say that our relationship is truly solid. That's not to say I haven't had some bad ones in the past, but ever since I got together with my Mac, it's been pure bliss...

As a quick aside, I happen to love the series of Mac vs. PC ads created by Apple. In case you aren't familiar with them, here's one (I chose one with a dog in it for the sake of blog relevancy)

Anyway, I hop into bed with Mac every night. Ella's not particularly happy to have to share the bed with him. She usually puts up a fight and tries to draw my attention away from his glossy screen by digging at the bed, climbing in my lap, or just plain barking in my face. Yes, my little girl is the epitome of subtle and mature.

But, as with most, Ella can only hate on Mac for so long before she realizes that, well, he's pretty freakin' cool. See for yourselves...

Don't be alarmed, folks. My Mac is NOT growing an odd, furry appendage...

...nor has Apple developed the technology to spawn animal hindquarters (at least, not to my knowledge)...

That's just my Ella finally letting go of her completely unfounded objections to Mac...

...and feeling totally good about it.

"Ohhhhh, never felt this good with PC."

A shoebox-sized world record?

How many creatures do you imagine could squeeze into my little shoebox of an apartment? Lord knows I've complained before about it being too small for Ella and myself, so any more than two would certainly be a bad idea, right?

Well, for kicks, I decided to test that out Labor Day weekend when my parents (Ella's grandfurma and grandfurpa) came to stay with me and also brought their 12 year old dog, Jenna. "Five living things coexisting in a tiny apartment for 36 hours" may not actually break any Guinness world records, but I wonder if "Five living things almost losing their minds while failing to peacefully coexist in a tiny apartment" would?

Ok well I should clarify that it was really the furry inhabitants that disturbed the peace. The drama began when I busted out the aerobed. Ella is not a fan of self-inflation - that much was made clear as she ran to her protector (the toilet bowl) to get away from the weird blue rapidly growing monster that makes "ssssssssssssss" noises...

Of course, when faced with the choice of sleeping on the cold, hard bathroom floor, or cuddling with momma on the crazy bed, she demonstrated a miraculous recovery...

Of course, that is not to say that Ella didn't try to recoup her spot on the real bed and tell grandma to bugger off...

But the activity that caused all the humans in the shoebox to drink heavily and look for ways to pop the top off or bust through the sides or SOMETHING was the incessant posturing between Jenna and Ella. Momentarily fearful of the aerobed, they soon both decided to take it over. As you can see by their expressions, the take-over was not a joint effort and it would take a battle royale to determine who would ultimately become Queen of the Faux Mattress.

Only Ella doesn't truly battle over anything because she doesn't take anything seriously. Yelling, lunging, barking, howling...all signs of play to my Ella. Dominance schmominance. Territory? Mi territory es su territory! No worries! Let's just play!

Jenna's response? Shut it, kid...I haven't played in years and I'm not about to start with you...

In the end, I'd call it a draw. Jenna and Ella agreed to disagree and the humans parted ways with hugs and headaches.

Nothing like old news...

If I were a journalist, I'd surely be fired for being this late on a story.

Lucky for me, I'm not a journalist - I'm a blogger. And I've got puppy pics that are timeless in their adorability. I can even make up words like "adorability"...with this kind of freedom, why would anyone want to bother reporting on legitimate and current news?

Anyway, in case you hadn't heard, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the development of the original design plans for Central Park, the Central Park Conservancy and the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation set up a hot air balloon ride for New Yorkers and visitors alike to catch a bird’s eye view of the City and the Park. The balloon was flying through August 22nd. Sorry you missed it. If the site's still up, you can get more detail on it here. (but why's over and done...perhaps you should just scroll down to the cute puppy pics below since that's what you're here for anyway)

Strangely, dogs aren't weren't permitted on the balloon ride.

Perhaps it's too risky having all that fur flying around so close to the flames of the burner (although I bet the FURminator could take care of that)...Or maybe it's because the basket wasn't intended for quadrupeds, so allowing them would mean fewer riders per trip and less $$ in the balloon company's pocket (Cue hard-nosed journalistic headline: "Dogs keep Aeroballoon's profits from reaching the sky")...

Honestly my biggest concern was that Ella would have caught the urge to indulge her predatory bird instinct at 500 feet in the air. So we thought it best to admire the balloon from the safety of the ground at Cherry Hill.

Sorry I don't have any aerial shots for you, but aren't pics of Ella with her tongue hanging out WAY cuter?


And here are some views of the balloon from the northwest side of The Lake...

Back AWAY from the water fountain

Ella LOVES horses...almost as much as horse poop. (sorry - but it's true...that sh** is like doggie catnip!)

But while she might admire them from afar as they majestically trot through the park, she isn't too keen on them being all up in her water trough.

Only it's not technically Ella's trough (try telling her that). This is one of the troughs along Central Park South dedicated to the carriage horses by the ASPCA. And the truth of the matter is that Ella is too much of a diva to stick her head in and drink directly from the trough anyway. Momma had to fill her portable plastic cup from the spigot like we do at all the other people-dedicated water fountains (momma's actually ok with that - if you saw how dirty that water was, you would be too).

Anyway, point is, Ella was really lapping up that nice cold water in her clean personal cup when she came face to face with the one animal she has never (yet) tried to incite play with (thank god)...

Horse to Ella: "You betta check yo'self."

Horse again to Ella: "Uh huh, that's what I thought."

Ella to Horse: (mumbling under her breath) "Oh come on this is getting ridiculous now. Nobody needs THAT much water..."

Ella to herself: "OK THAT IS IT! I'm about to make my move if this horse doesn't trot on in 10 seconds."

Ella to Momma: "Momma are you sure you don't have any Poland Spring in your bag? I am so parched..."